Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gotcha Day 2009

Stealing from Bart Barber... Today is "Gotcha Day" for Josh. We too celebrate his birthday and the day that we got him. One year ago today, we picked Josh up for placement in our home for emergency foster care. Of course we fell in love with him, and he has become a big part of our family.

We are going to celebrate "Gotcha Day" with our church family and his friends in his class tonight. We are so grateful to God for brining him into our family. Please pray as we seek to make it permanent and adopt him into our family. We have a way to go in the legal realm to get there.


Connie Brock said...

I had no idea about Josh's story! That is awesome!! I will be praying that it is permanent soon!!! I know that you are blessed by him, but he is also blessed to be part of your family! I love "Gotcha Day"!!!

Ron Phillips, Sr. said...


Thank you. We covet your prayers and appreciate them so much.

Ron P.

selahV said...

What a sweet little fella! Will be praying all works out for you and your family to have him permanently. What a blessing for you all. selahV

Ron Phillips, Sr. said...


Thank you so much. He truly is a blessing!

Ron P.