Monday, March 8, 2010

Scott Wilder Show Returns

In case you have not heard, the Scott Wilder Show has not only returned, but is now a nationally syndicated radio show. You can go to Scott's website here to read more about it.

It was great having a reasoned principled voice back on the radio. Scott was great too. Just kidding. If you have listened before, you know I am talking about Lauren Litner, who has worked with Scott on the air for a number of years. Though they have been streaming at, I always enjoyed listening on the radio on my long drive home every afternoon.

Welcome back Scott and Lauren, and best wishes on syndicating the show in more markets.


Ron P.

1 comment:

Ron Phillips, Sr. said...


I removed your comment, because you made an anonymous and cowardly accusation. Sign your name to it, and I will let it stand even though I believe you are wrong in your accusation. I have never heard any such thing ever from Scott.

To my knowledge (and I listened to him nearly everyday since he first came on the air) any time he has voiced opposition to someone it has been on principle.

Ron P.