Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ergun Caner Feeding Frenzy

Sharks are interesting and frightening creatures. When I lived in Southern California, I got to see sharks fed in a large salt water fish tank. It was fascinating to watch the bloody and relentless feeding frenzy. I was captivated by it - by the sheer ruthlessness that was on display. I remember thinking how horrible it would be to suffer through such a vicious attack. Sharks are not the only ones who participate in feeding frenzies. I am certain the reader is aware that a "feeding frenzy" is also slang for a ruthless attack on or exploitation of someone. I think that is happening in many circles within the blogsphere towards Ergun Caner. There are some who are trying to exploit this for various personal reasons. To pretend otherwise is naive at best and disingenuous at worst. I am not saying that this is true of all or even most in the blog world. But I am dismayed that so many are denying that there are ulterior motives involved by some of the principles who are leading this feeding frenzy. I guess from the shark's point of view there is nothing wrong or amiss with such. But for those of us on the sidelines watching, it has been a terrifying thing to witness. I would never wish for this to happen to anyone! It is clearly a violation of Scripture (Galatians 6:1-5).

I believe this same sense of horror is the motivation of some who have been pleading for the attacks to stop. But these pleas have fallen on deaf ears for weeks on end and the frenzy has only gotten worse. It is frustrating. To switch analogies, this has quickly become an uncontrollable blog mob with a few ringleaders ready to bring a rope to the doorsteps of Liberty to execute frontier justice. How can we maintain our integrity while trying to stop a mob and be Christlike to everyone on both sides of the issue? It is not easy and some have been thrown in as extra chum for giving a brother grace and believing his repentance to be sincere. It may be just me, but I get the impression that if Jesus walked up to Ergun Caner and the principles involved and said let him who is without sin cast the first stone, that a few would actually have the nerve to cast stones. It appears that it has become that personal.

Finally, I also have an issue with the "do as I say not as I do" bloggers. Several have lent credibility to the lies (and/or repeated them) that Ergun Caner was never a former Muslim or was not a devout former Muslim. This is even after evidence and a contemporary former Muslim have confirmed such. Take for example that Tom Ascol posted about it a while back and has never recanted. I have not heard a single call for a public apology and repentance from him (or the others who also joined in) from those demanding such from Ergun Caner. For those engaging in the demands for public apologies and public repentance, doesn't integrity demand you, without prejudice, do the same to Tom Ascol and the others? Where are the calls to their ministries and churches? It kind of makes the clamor for Ergun Caner and Liberty to do so seem just a tad bit hypocritical from my point of view.

Personally, I would prefer we give grace to all involved - on both sides.


Ron P.
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