Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SBC and Blogging

I have really missed being active in SBC blog town! Though I rarely comment, except for a few sites, I do try to actively read the major SBC blogs. My site has never been very active, but I thoroughly enjoy being part of the conversations at other sites. I wish I had time to partake in the recent discussions about the GCR, the Cooperative Program, the Pastor's Conference issues, and other pertinent issues to the Southern Baptist Convention. Truth be told, I just do not have the time. I have commented more this past week on a site than I probably have in the last year. I do not like making drive by comments. i.e. commenting and then not engaging others afterwards. But lack of time makes that difficult, so I have to pick and choose when and where I comment.

Part of the reason for my absence is family - which comes way before blogging. I know that I have stated here several times that I would explain more about the issues we face with our precious little one that we adopted a year ago. However, I do not want to publicize the issues that he faces in great detail, at least not yet. I want to respect his privacy as he grows up and hopefully overcomes the tremendous adversity that is ahead of him. I do hope to share some of it as we go through life together and work with the support of others who face the same obstacles and challenges that he has. I do ask that you pray for him and for us as parents.

Between home, work and church - where I also work and volunteer part time, blogging has been forced to a lower priority level that I would like. With the issues that face Southern Baptists, I am concerned that we not forget that our forefathers in the faith, gave their lives for the important issues of having a free church that was biblically sound and obedient to Christ. There are issues facing Southern Baptists that require us to be vigilant defending our biblical heritage, our ecclesiology, our theology, and our Baptist Identity. Our identity as Southern Baptists is not a curse or a pox. I do not want to be silent as some try to redefine what it means to be Southern Baptist. Blogging may not be the avenue that best suites the needs of my family and my responsibilities at this time. But I will join in the discussions where possible and when I feel I can not afford to be quiet.


Ron P.

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