Sunday, September 25, 2011

SBC Name Change: Presented on a Garbage Can Lid

I know the title may be provocative, but my illustration will explain. The following is a link of the great Bill Cosby in the Cosby show episode "With This Ring". In it, he tells Vanessa's fiancée Dabnis, that they don't like him. But it's not his fault, it's Vanessa's... it's in the presentation. It was how she brought him to them... on a garbage can lid. He tries to explain and gives what I think is one of the all time great illustrations of the importance of presentation. Watch the Cosby Show Clip.

Even if the changing of the name of the Southern Baptist Convention's time has come, it was presented to us upon a garbage can lid. It was not the finest hour for a President of the SBC. Our polity was completely disregarded. The will of the Convention was ignored. The possibility exists that this task force is a violation of our Bylaws see here. I do not question President Wright's motives. But his presentation of changing the name of the Southern Baptist Convention was to say the least, very poorly handled.

Others have been more eloquent than I, but lest it be misunderstood, let me emphatically state that what this Baptist finds objectionable is the way in which this process has been started. I agree with Bart Barber, if we were voting to start a denomination today, Southern would not and should not be in the name. However, I do have reservations about a name change, mostly for the legal and financial implications of such. This cannot be ignored or underestimated as the unintended legal and financial consequences could be quite costly You can read more about that here. I also have concerns that there are some who would like us to forsake the name Baptist. That cannot happen! That will not happen! Finally, if Southern Baptists do decide on a name change, what name would solicit unity amongst us? I don't know that such a name exists, other than the name of Jesus Himself. Maybe we should focus more on His name than changing ours.


Ron P.